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Geph connects you with the censorship-free Internet,
even when nothing else works.

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Resilient, secure, and private

Most VPNs and anti-censorship tools only rely on keeping a low profile to avoid blocking. Even worse, you never know which providers you can trust.

Geph is different. We built Geph from the ground up with cutting-edge technology designed to break through powerful government censorship like that in China and Iran. Telling all your friends about us won't make Geph any easier to block. For paid accounts, a day that Geph doesn't work is a day's money back.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. We won't and can't spy on you. Take a look at our code yourself — our entire software stack is open source.

Robust privacy

We are based in Estonia, an EU jurisdiction with strong privacy laws. We never log your browsing activity when using Geph, and we  never voluntarily share any user information to third parties.

Better yet, we can't sell you out even if we're hacked or coerced. We invented Mizaru, a revolutionary zero-knowledge authentication scheme that prevents our servers from associating users with browsing activity.

No other VPN or proxy provider comes close to Geph's level of privacy.

Resilient anti-censorship

Geph is designed for more than existing firewalls. We use state-of-the-art circumvention tech to make blocking Geph incredibly difficult, for both current and future censors.

Geph is the only circumvention service with SLA-guaranteed reliability for all paid accounts. We get you across the harshest national firewalls at the highest speeds, or we'll give your money back.

Easy to afford and use

We believe that Internet freedom and privacy is a basic right. So we offer entirely free basic browsing at moderate speeds. Unlimited Plus accounts provide greatly enhanced speeds at a flat price of €5/month.

Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android, no complicated setup is involved. A censorship-free Internet is just one click away.

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