🚀 Blast through censorship.

Geph connects you with the censorship-free Internet, even when nothing else works.

🔒 Robust zero-knowledge privacy

We don't log you — because we can't. We use zero-knowledge authentication so that we can never associate your browsing activity with your identity.

🏛️ Resilient anti-censorship

Geph is on the cutting edge of censorship circumvention research. We have overcome numerous targeted attacks by China's Great Firewall, the world's most sophisticated national internet filter.

😊 Accessible to all

We believe that everyone has the right to internet freedom and privacy. So we offer entirely free medium-speed browsing for everyone. Greatly enhanced speed can be purchased for just €5/month.

🔍 Transparent and accountable

Geph's entire software stack is open source and available on GitHub. Our managing organization is registered in Estonia, an EU jurisdiction with strong privacy laws.